The Typical Cleveland Browns Controversy

As usual, the Cleveland Browns have a dilemma that they don’t want to acknowledge. Just like in the 2014 season with the battle of Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, it looks as though 2015 is no different.  Here we are, four games in and we have already seen the likes of Johnny Football.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for giving Johnny a chance at running this team. However, Head Coach Mike Pettine seems to see things a little differently.  I guess that’s why they pay him to coach the team and not me.

We have gotten two full games out of Josh McCown so far this season.  What we haven’t gotten, is any wins.  The Cleveland Browns are 1 and 3 to start the first quarter of the season, with the only win coming from Johnny Manziel. Johnny was brought in to finish game 1 versus the New York Jets after McCown found himself concussed after attempting to rush the ball for a touchdown.  Manziel finished the game after getting his first career touchdown pass of 54 yards to WR Travis Benjamin. That touchdown and a field goal were the only points from the Browns in the 31-10 loss to the Jets.

With McCown still out with a concussion, Manziel got the start for game 2.  Johnny looked better than ever facing off with Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans. Johnny threw two touchdowns and no interceptions in the 28-14 win over the Titans.  This game will prove to be the Browns’ only win so far this season.

In games 3 and 4, we find Josh McCown back at the helm. Both games would turn out to be a loss of a small margin each. Although McCown managed to pass for over 300 yards back to back in both games (first in his career), the defense was not able to perform during these games the way they did with Manziel calling the shots.

Team chemistry is everything in professional sports.  It would seem that the Cleveland Browns have a different chemistry with McCown as the QB, than they do with Manziel.  In week 2 with Manziel, the defense forced 3 separate turnovers on Mariota. Weeks 3 and 4, with McCown, only produce a total of 1 forced turnover in both games.  It would seem that the team is trying to secretly tell us something.  What do you think?  Send your thoughts to and it may be featured in a future post.

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