A Hauntingly Good Time…Part 1

We all know that October is a time for scary movies, jack-o-lanterns, apple cider, and candy.   Another thing it is known for is haunted houses.  One place to get your scare on, is “Halloweekends” at Cedar Point.  Beginning the second week of September, through Halloween Night, Cedar Point turns into Ghouls and Goblins with six haunted houses, and six haunted areas.

First in the haunted houses, is Zombie High.  The tale of a zombie outbreak at Cleaver High School.  Make your way around this flesh eating High School with dead cheerleaders, hungry cafeteria workers, and zombie prom king and queen.  Zombie High is located at the front of that park, and is easily accessed right next to the park entrance.

There are still five other Haunted Houses for you to go to.  Hexed, located next to Gatekeeper, is a case of Witchcraft and soul stealing evil. Find your way through the witches, magicians, and pig slaves to find your way out alive.  After Hexed, head straight down the strip to Eriee Estates.  Eriee Estates is a haunted mansion of sorts.  With the ghosts of its past enhabitants doing everything they can to keep out the “unwanted guests” by spooking and scaring. Watch out for the “Black Out Room”. You walk in, to a pitch black room, and using only your right hand on the wall, you must navigate out. Be aware, this room has “Mild Contact Permission”, which means characters are allowed to touch you up to a certain limit. This room is only accessable with a fright pass key.

A fright pass can be purchased for $70 on Fridays, $80 on Saturdays, and $35 on Sundays. Check  https://www.cedarpoint.com/haunt/ for more details.

This is Part 1 of a multi-segment post.  Keep watch for more of the Hauntingly Good Time special.


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