Small corporate passenger jet crashes into Akron apartment building.

Akron, Ohio - A small corporate jet fell from the sky amidst the foggy weather on Tuesday afternoon. The airplane, a Hawker H25, was on approach to Akron Fulton International Airport. There were seven passengers on board, with two members of the flight crew. All souls on board perished in crash. The Hawker H25, owned... Continue Reading →


Rivalry Weekend for the Browns

BREAKING NEWS: Josh McCown is still not practicing, and we are already halfway through the week. Cleveland goes on to face their biggest rival this Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cleveland, who is failing this season with only two wins and seven losses, hit the road for a one o'clock game at Heinz Field. Last week... Continue Reading →

Averis – Behind the Music

Patrick Mulholland, Mike Maroli, Jakoub Tanner, and Mike Toth made up what was once known as Averis.  Averis was a hard rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.  With three albums, and over 100 shows and 3 tours, Averis left a small legacy when they disbanded in 2009. This is their story. In 2003, Mulholland, Maroli, and... Continue Reading →

What is wrong with the Cleveland Browns?

As we have noticed, there are quite a few things that need to be fixed within the organization of the Cleveland Browns. Going into this Thursday's game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns are currently 2-6, with a loss in each of their last three games. However, the Browns are NOT completely last in the AFC North... Continue Reading →

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