What is wrong with the Cleveland Browns?

As we have noticed, there are quite a few things that need to be fixed within the organization of the Cleveland Browns. Going into this Thursday’s game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns are currently 2-6, with a loss in each of their last three games. However, the Browns are NOT completely last in the AFC North conference. The standings are as follows:

  1. Cincinnati Bengals 6-0
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-4
  3. Cleveland Browns 2-6
  4. Baltimore Ravens 2-6

This next game against the Bengals is going to be a very rough game. With Josh McCown out with an injury, it is the first time that we have seen Johnny Manziel start a game since week two against Tennessee. Johnny led the team to a victory that game, going head to head with last years Heismann trophy winner, Marcus Mariota.

Coming off of a major disappointment this past Sunday, with the Browns losing a ten point lead against Arizona, Josh McCown is sitting this one out. Now of course, this did not get decided lightly by the Browns head coach Mike Pettine. McCown re-injured himself during the second half on Sunday, but continued to play. As of Tuesday afternoon’s press conference, Pettine had not yet decided whether he was going to start McCown or Manziel. In fact, he was still leaning towards starting McCown, until McCown informed him that he was too hurt to practice. “It hurts to sleep. It even hurts to breath.” said McCown to Browns training staff.

Mike Pettine said in his press conference that “We are having both Josh (McCown) and Johnny (Manziel) practice is if both (Quarterbacks) are starting.” Many fans thought this a bad idea.

“How are they (the offense) supposed to train for a specific quarterback, when they don’t even know who’s starting?” questioned Brandon Stray, co-host of The Three Point Conversion on allsportscleveland.com radio.

As of Wednesday, Pettine has announced that Johnny Manziel will take the role of starter this Thursday in Cincinnati, leaving the team one day to adjust to the official decision.

Aside from the usual Quarterback Controversy, Cleveland Browns General Manager, Ray Farmer, weighed in yesterday about the state of the Browns in his own separate press conference. During this press conference, Farmer stated such things as “We want the best players to play in Cleveland”, “The guy who earns it, should be the one to play.” and “My job is to bring talent to the Browns.” These statements brought a lot of confusion to Cleveland fans.

“The guy who earns it, should be the one to play.” sparked the most controversy. Many fans have wondered how the Browns can continue to refuse to let Johnny Manziel be the starting quarterback.  Manziel has started one game this season, and won.  Josh McCown on the other hand, has started seven, and has only had one win. In many eyes, Josh has not earned it, but yet is still the starter.

Tune in Thursday night at 8:25PM Eastern Time, to watch the Cleveland Browns take on the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals, and see if Johnny Manziel can finally earn the throne that he so desperately wants.

Browns Arrive in Cincinnati (VIDEO):



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