Averis – Behind the Music

fullPatrick Mulholland, Mike Maroli, Jakoub Tanner, and Mike Toth made up what was once known as Averis.  Averis was a hard rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.  With three albums, and over 100 shows and 3 tours, Averis left a small legacy when they disbanded in 2009. This is their story.

In 2003, Mulholland, Maroli, and Chris Mazzolini were friends who all enjoyed playing music.  The three of them would get together and teach themselves cover songs on acoustic guitars. Fun was always had, but the three believed that there was just something missing. In January of 2004, Patrick received a set of drums as a birthday gift.  He quickly taught himself how to play, and the idea of a band was born.  With Mulholland on drums and vocals, Maroli on rhythm guitar, and Chris Mazzolini as original lead guitarist, the three set out on a new journey together.

After some failed attempts at writing good, full sounding songs, Patrick introduced the others to Cara Pirich, a long time friend and fellow drummer.  At that time, the group decided on the name “Industrial Riot”, and began to write songs with Cara on drums, and Patrick moved to bass guitar. Soon after, another member was added, Winstin Thomas, to play bass guitar. Patrick moved to strictly vocals and some occasional guitar. In February of 2005, the band had their first major performance, at The Odeon, on the east bank of the flats in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The five performed a few more smaller shows together before Cara decided that she wasn’t as dedicated to the Rock scene as she’d originally thought. So in June of 2005, after the bands second major performance, at The Agora, Cara left the band.

From that point, Patrick moved over to drums and the band continued to play on, changing the bands name to Averis.  In March of 2006, the band entered into a contest known as “the Battle of the Bands”, and won. The prize, a 12 hour session at Cleveland’s Lava Room Records. The band was on top of the world.  At this time, another friend, Mike Toth had heard of the bands success and contacted Patrick and Mike to see if he could join.  After a lengthy audition, Toth, joined as the bands new Drummer, and Patrick moved back to strictly vocals.

In October of 2006, the band decided to cash in on their prize at Lava Room Records. They felt that the time was right, and Toth was ready. In that 12 hour time span, they cut their first ever official album, “Look at the Lights”. However, the session didn’t run as smoothly as they’d hoped. Tensions flared, and comments made between members and assistants, caused Mazzolini and Thomas to quit the band shortly after the production of the album.  That left Patrick and the two others, with an album of 8 songs, and only half a band.

Five months went by before the trio met with Jakoub Tanner, a freelance guitarist through a mutual contact. Jakoub, aka Koub, quickly learned the band’s material, and signed on shortly after. The team was back in business and got started on their “Look at the Lights” tour, all the while writing new songs. The group continued to perform, playing in Geneva, Lakewood, and Cleveland, Ohio, opening for such bands as Smile Empty Soul, Dope, Jackie, and even Mushroomhead.

But in September of 2007, tragedy struck. Patrick’s mom, Willee Mulholland fell ill, and died a week later. All things came to a halt. Patrick dove into a deep depression. “On Angels Wings” was born a few days later.

After a month of sorrow, and despair, the other members scheduled a show without the knowledge of front-man, Patrick Mulholland. Patrick was forced to put on a show, which seemed to bring him out of his depression. After the show, the band put their heads together and started to piece together more songs.

In December of 2008, the hard work and determination of the group resulted in another visit to the recording studio. With the help of Exit Stencil Records in Collinwood, Ohio, the band produced their second major album “On Angels Wings”, featuring a title track of the same name. Almost immediately after the release of the album, Averis started their “On Angels Wings” tour, which would ultimately be their last.

In September of 2009, Averis performed their final show at Peabody’s Down Under in Cleveland. Co-headlining with Lovesick Radio, the band said their goodbyes.  Patrick joined the United States Army shortly thereafter.

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” (LIVE) 09/09- Averis @ Peabodys in Cleveland.


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