Rivalry Weekend for the Browns

BREAKING NEWS: Josh McCown is still not practicing, and we are already halfway through the week. Cleveland goes on to face their biggest rival this Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cleveland, who is failing this season with only two wins and seven losses, hit the road for a one o’clock game at Heinz Field.

Last week the Browns took a tragic loss to the Cincinnati Bengals during Thursday Night Football. Johnny Manziel completed less that fifty percent of his pass attempts. Sources say that Johnny is practicing and anticipating a start this weekend versus the Steelers, but only time will tell. Josh McCown was in a ball cap and watched from the sidelines this Tuesday as Manziel and Austin Davis, the third string quarterback, got their work in with the team. McCown, who suffered injuries in the Arizona Cardinals game, says he is still nursing a rib injury and is unsure if he will start.

Isiah Crowell ran for thirty-eight yards this past Thursday, with Manziel right behind him with thirty-one. Duke Johnson had three attempts at rushing, but did not register any positive yardage, but managed to have thirty-eight yards on passing plays with the teams only touchdown.

Travis Coons continues to have a perfect season, making fifteen out of fifteen field goal attempts. Opponents of the Browns are only fifteen for nineteen against Cleveland.

Cleveland is bringing the newbie in for this weekend against the Steelers.  Cameron Erving is set to start this Sunday. This is the Browns’ first round draft pick’s first ever career start. Joel Bittonio, Cleveland’s normal starting Left Guard was injured in Thursday’s game against Arizona. The position of Left Guard just happens to be where Erving received the least exposure during his time at Florida State.

“I’m a football player, and I like to play football so I’m going to put everything I have into what I’m playing that week or what the team needs me to do,” Erving said. “All of those questions, honestly, are irrelevant to me. I’m just going to go out and I’m going to play football, regardless of what position I’m at.”

Many Cleveland fans have checked out of this season already, with the team being two and seven. And many are petitioning for a new General Manager. The petition, aimed at bringing in Bernie Kosar to be the new GM for the Cleveland Browns, has hundreds of signatures. The question is, “Is that the right idea Cleveland?”

With that, that brings us to our question of the day. Who do YOU think should be the Cleveland Browns General Manager? Tell us what you think in the poll below.

Here is hoping that the Browns will finally start to play like a team with a pulse. Advice to Mike Pettine: You have nothing else to lose, its time to start Johnny Manziel from here on out.  You’ll never know what you’ve got in him, if you don’t let him play.

Video: Segment of Mike Pettine Press Conference. Courtesy of Cleveland.com


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