With a playoff push looming, Murphy’s Law shows it’s ugly head.

Danny Salazar left the game on Friday against the twins due to some discomfort in his right forearm. After evaluations on Monday, Salazar has been diagnosed with a mild strain in his Flexor Musculature.  The Indians’ starter will undergo a platelet-rich plasma injection on Tuesday, and will not be allowed to throw for 10 days approximately. Salazar is not expected to return for  3-4 weeks, which means that regular season play is finished for the Tribe’s right hander.

“I think we already knew that,” said manager Terry Francona while talking about Salazar’s end to the regular season. “So I think when it’s all said and done, getting the news that we did is pretty good. It’s musculature, as opposed to something with a ligament and the repair that was already there.”

Salazar, who left the game Friday after just four innings, has dealt with some injuries already this year. He missed a start previously this season, due to elbow inflammation. It is unsure if this current injury is related to that in any way.

“I don’t think anyone could say for sure” said Francona, about the injury relation.

Danny Salazar has gone 11-6 in 2016, boasting a 3.87 ERA in 25 starts. He has also struck out 161 batters. He was withheld from the All Star Game back in July due to the inflammation in the elbow, and since then has only produced a 1-3 record.

Josh Tomlin is tasked with the start on Wednesday for the Indians as they continue their hunt for the playoffs. As Mike Clevenger replaced Tomlin in his spot in the rotation, Tomlin will be reasserted to replace Salazar. The Tribe still holds a six game lead over the 2nd place Detroit Tigers. Only time will tell if the pitching rotation can hold up.


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