Living with ADHD

Taking a short break from my normal sports writing, to talk about something that might be important.

Recently, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. I have been living with it for a long time, and I recognize the signs. Many people think that ADHD is an excuse or a “cop out”. The problem is people don’t quite understand it. Here is a little insight to my brain on a normal day.

6:30am- Alarm clock starts to go off.  Or is that a dream? Not sure, I can hear it, but it also sounds like the mortar alert system from overseas. Shoot, time to hit the bunker.  Can’t be my alarm, this dream has too much left in it.

7:15am- Wake up!  Aw shoot, I am late. Just once, I need that alarm to go off when I set it.

Just enough time for me to wake up, use the bathroom, get dressed and leave.  Kiss the wife goodbye.  Make it halfway down the stairs..Forgot my glasses.  Walk back up, check my pockets. Okay, got my keys, time to go. Three steps later, forgot the glasses again. Start heading back up. My daughter comes running past. “Give daddy a hug, have a good day”.

Get in the car, never did grab my glasses. Once I get on the road, its time to put on the radio. Button one? No, Two? No….Ok, guess I’ll put on Spotify.  *Puts on some Avenged Sevenfold.* Halfway through the song, I switch it to country.  No, not really feeling country today.  How about a stand up comedian?  That works, for now.

8:00am- Finally at the school.  Did I do my online work?  No, I forgot about it last month. That’s typical. I’ll just have to do it later. Let’s check Facebook. What did the instructor write on the board?  Who knows, wish I had brought my glasses.

12:00pm- Class is over, might as well watch Netflix. Wasn’t I supposed to do something?  Oh well, must not have been that important.  Oooh, Nutty Buddy Bar.

2:00pm – Time to head home.  I wonder what’s on the radio.  One, Two, Three….nothing. Hello Spotify.  Wow, look at that cloud, it’s shaped like an elephant.  Once I get home I need to check out my Online Work. It’s been about a month since I’ve done it.

2:30pm- Walk in, house is quiet, wifey must be taking a nap. What a perfect time for me to watch some Netflix.

Fast forward to dinnertime. While sitting down to dinner, we talk about many different things. I am on my phone, and nobody thinks I am paying attention. Although, I hear everything they say.

Everything above this, is tame. The worst is bedtime. Wifey has fallen asleep already while I laying awake thinking about everything under the sun.  Tomorrows assignment, yesterday’s blog, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, my online work… online work….ARGH!!! I really need to get that done.


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