Living with ADHD – The Sequel

On the upswing of things, as I mentioned yesterday, my daughter (who for privacy purposes will be referred to as “bug”) was diagnosed last week with ADHD. The doctor prescribed her some medication. I had a hard time getting on board with medicating her from the beginning. I have heard horror stories about the things that can happen. I myself was never medicated. However, the doctor said that “bug” is rather high on the hyperactivity scale.

Yesterday, I told you about my daily dealings with my own problems. Here is a little bit of what we see with her:

  • Moodyness – She goes from completely happy and hyper to bawling her eyes out. Now, it is usually when she is told no, or that it is time for bed. But still, it is a complete whirlwind of emotions sometimes.  Granted, that is pretty common in kids.
  • Always GO GO GO. – This is not a joke. When you try and stop her from moving, she will try and move you with her. Family members have joked around saying that she has three speeds: Fast, Faster, and Hold on for dear life.
  • Anger – She doesn’t tend to get angry at anyone, mostly herself. I don’t know if she is a perfectionist like me, but she tends to get really unhappy if she makes a mistake, or can’t seem to comprehend or understand something.
  • Nightmares/terrors – As would be expected from a child whose brain is constantly in hyper-drive, she has frequent nightmares, or bad dreams.  Sometimes, she will stand up in her room and cry and scream, without even being fully awake. Not to be confused with sleepwalking.  This can be an event that will happen several nights in a row, or widely spread out.

Do you, or anyone else you know experience anything like this?

Even though I had a hard time deciding to medicate her, it was becoming too much to handle. The medication seems to help her focus and limit herself to one thing at a time. She tends to do better in school while on it, and it only lasts for a certain amount of time. It’s almost the perfect amount of time for school. Once she gets home, she starts to come down, and that’s when the fun begins again.


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