Thankful for my freedom, but it wasn’t free.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A time to spend with family, and give thanks. Telling all what you are thankful for, and gathering around a big turkey dinner. However, there are families tomorrow, who will spend their first Thanksgiving without someone very special to them. Many servicemen and women give their lives every year to ensure that we... Continue Reading →


The Pain of Memory Lane

In my last post, I teased at a very sad story in my life. Some readers expressed interest in knowing a little bit more. Here is the story. The holidays, especially Christmas, was always an important time around my house growing up. I lived with my Mom, my Grandma (Gran), and my Mom's boyfriend. Every... Continue Reading →

Changes are a-coming.

Things are going to be changing here at As a writer, I will do my darnedest to make sure that I provide you with a thrilling, entertaining, and informative experience every time you visit my site. However, if my heart isn't in it, I find it counter-productive to write about something, just for the... Continue Reading →

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