Actor of the Week: Christopher Meloni

It took a while for me to decide on who would be Mayhem Cleveland’s first ever Actor/Artist of the week. But after doing a lot of social media and news searching, Christopher Meloni seems like a wise choice. Meloni managed to be one of the top trending topics on social media Tuesday night, after he was spotted with Mariska Hargitay, posing for a holiday selfie. The picture, seen below, sent social media into a frenzy of rumors, speculations, and memories


Christopher Meloni & Mariska Hargitay reunite for a Holiday Selfie

Many know Christopher Meloni from Law and Order: SVU as Detectisve Elliot Stabler. Stabler and partner Detective Olivia Benson (Hargitay) were the main protagonists of the show for the first 12 seasons. Benson continued to be the main character after Stabler left the unit. The show is now gearing up for it’s 18th season. Christopher Meloni left the show due to a failure in contract negotiations.

Meloni has held many other roles throughout his career. Some of the more notable ones have been Colonel Nathan Hardy (Man of Steel), Roman Zimojic (True Blood), and Jack Dunlevy (Surviving Jack). He also played a main character in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III, providing the voice for soldier John Taylor. Thanks to the wonders of CGI, John Taylor even looked like Meloni.

Christopher Meloni provides the voice, and face for John Taylor in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Thanks to Computer Graphic Imaging (CGI), you get to play along side what looks exactly like Meloni.

So what’s next for the 55 year old action/drama star? Who knows. He is currently playing August Pullman in the TV show Underground, as well as playing Roger Simmons in the upcoming movie Snatched, which is currently in post-production. Many speculate that he may return to Law and Order during it’s 18th season, but only time will tell. Keep up on social media, as well as IMDB for any updates on his upcoming portrayals.



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