2016 in Review: A Mayhem’s top 10 Part 2.

Yesterday we visited numbers 10 through 6 of our year in review top 10 countdown. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you get to that before reading the top 5. (Unless of course you just want the top 5.)

2016 in Review: A Mayhem’s top 10 part one.

Now, lets continue.

#5 Prince (-). Now, it would seem that more bad happened into 2016 than good, and that would be a fair assumption. One of the not so good things that happened was the loss of 34de496c00000578-3629776-image-a-55_1465318001024Prince. Passing away on April 21st 2016, Prince was a longtime loved music icon. The loss would prove to be almost bigger than the previous loss of David Bowie. Prince touched the lives of millions with hits like Kiss (1986), 1999 (1982), and Raspberry Beret (1985). Prince was found dead after an overdose of Opioid Fentanyl. The loss of this great music master finds it way onto the countdown at number 5.

#4 Fisher/Reynolds (-) No, Fisher Reynolds is not a toy company. As many know, 2016 wreaked havoc on the entertainment community. We saw the loss of many greats like Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Florence Henderson, and even teen pop sensation Christina Grimmie. An unlikely turn of events took place on the three days following 122816-celebs-debbie-reynolds-carrie-fisherChristmas 2016. On Tuesday December 27th, Star Wars’ Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher died of complications due to a Cardiac Episode in which she suffered on a flight to Los Angeles. She was 60 years old. Star Wars fans around the globe were devastated at the loss of the actress behind the iconic character. One day later, Debbie Reynolds, Fisher’s mother passed away as well. Many may know her from “Singing in the Rain”, and Disney’s phenomenon, have broken hearts across the world, and have broken their way onto our countdown at number 4.

#3 Historic World Series (+). It pains me, being a Cleveland fan to put the little positive symbol next to this, as it was my beloved Cleveland Indians that were defeated, but it was a tremendous victory for the city of Chicago, and eased the hearts of their fans. On Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016, the Chicago Cubs made history as they broke a 108 year curse to the team, winning the World Series against the Cleveland Indians in dramatic fashion. No matter which team won, there would have been a positive note for it. 1280x720_61024c00-nmkhfCleveland last one the world series back in 1948, but it had been much longer for Chicago, so the outcome was what you would call a “Storybook Ending”. A dramatic series throughout ended with a game 7, tied in extra innings, a rain delay in the 10th, and a ending time after midnight. Both teams showed tremendous effort, but in the end, Chicago was victorious. It was a series that many will not soon forget. Finding its way to number 3 on our countdown, is the “Go Cubs Go”, World Series Champions of 2016.

#2 Cleveland Cavaliers (+). Although the loss of the World Series devastated Cleveland, and the Indians, several months earlier the city was in complete shock, awe, and bliss. Down three games to one in the NBA Championship series, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked like they had no chance to beat the Golden State Warriors. Lead by Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, the team did a complete “180” and turned around to win out the last four games, taking the title and the trophy away from Golden State. Sheer pandemonium broke out in Cleveland, Ohio, as this was the first Major sports championship win since 1948. Upon 19lebron-trophy-superjumboreturning, the team was greeted to thousands waiting at Hopkins International Airport, and were treated like royalty. On Wednesday, June 22nd 2016, a victory parade took place in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, commemorating the wins of the Cav’s, the Lake Erie (now Cleveland) Monsters, and MMA Champ Stepe Miocic. Over 1.5 million people gathered, lining the streets to watch the trophies paraded down the streets. Having broken Cleveland’s long time curse, the Cavaliers, as well as the Monsters and Miocic, find their way to number 2 on our countdown.

So there has been a lot of good, and a lot of not so good things that have defined 2016.  Now it is time to give the number one defining moment of 2016.

#1 All Hail President Trump?  That’s right, after all the smack talk done throughout the year, 2016’s most defining moment, is when the United States elected Donald J. Trump as the next President. Notice there is no positive or negative symbol, that’s because it is good, bad, ugly, and unknown all at the same time. 12969

What is good about it? It shows that the people of the United States still have some type of say in the govermental system that we call the U.S.  It also goes to show that when you are a kid, and you are told that you can be anything you want when you grow up, that dream can still be a reality.

What is bad about it? It shows that the electoral system, can be flawed in some cases. Donald Trump won the electoral vote count, but did NOT win the popular vote. The margin was small, but Clinton still had more popular votes. Trump just had the bigger states.

Ugly? Well, in case you weren’t paying attention, in the days after the election, the country went through widespread chaos. People took to the streets in protests, marches, and riots. Many people walked the streets of their cities chanting “Not my President.” Sad to say to them, but unless you leave the U.S., he is your newgettyimages-539917294-620x448 President, like it or not. Another issue that arose, was due to the things that were said by Trump during his campaign, and even before, light was shed on the racism problems in our country. Examples of racial unrest could be seen in as far down as elementary schools. The country has a long road ahead of us, but we will prosper, as we always do.

And finally, the unknown. Donald Trump brings a lot of business experience to the White House. He is a multi-billionaire with a lot of “know how”. This is something that hasn’t been seen in our current economy. Nobody knows what will happen with him in office, but one thing is for sure, we will find out one way or another.

With all that being said, as the single most uproaring event of 2016, the election of Donald J. Trump claims number 1 on our countdown.

We all want to wish you a Happy New Year from Mayhem Cleveland. Here is much hope that 2017 will be a bit more kind to us.

*None of the images used for the Countdown are owned by MayhemCleveland. The countdown was compiled of a list of tragic, or uplifting events that occurred in the year of 2016. This countdown is a work of opinion. Please subscribe and follow MayhemCleveland for more fun and entertaining articles.*


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