An Experimental Weekend

So this weekend was hell on wheels in our household. Bug ran out of her medication on Friday, and her doctor wasn't able to get us a refill until Monday. Which meant that Saturday and Sunday were unmedicated. And let me tell say, you don't realize how bad it was, once they are medicated, until... Continue Reading →


Mayhem Uncensored Episode 1

The much awaited new addition to Mayhem Cleveland is here. Mayhem Uncensored is a small podcast style topical comedy performance that will be brought to you a couple times per month here on Mayhem Cleveland. There is a minimal amount of profanity, so please, Listen at your own risk.

Taking a short break for a couple days

Hey Guys, Sorry for not posting on Thursday, and most likely wont post tomorrow. Looking at a couple different ventures for the site, and will be back soon. Nothing has been made official, but something new may be coming to

A Bug’s life continued

So, I didn't post yesterday, and for that I apologize. Yesterday got a bit out of hand, and I will make up for it with a post today. Yesterday, Bug had to go and see the dentist.  Now, most of you already know that Bug has ADHD. Which means she can be rather rambunctious, and thus has... Continue Reading →

Ridgecliff: A Mayhem Cleveland Exclusive

Back in 1932, on the border or Wickliffe and Euclid, Ohio, a hospital opened up called Ridgecliff Sanitarium.  Ridgecliff was a mansion style building with beautiful gardens. With a large concrete bridge that lead from the top of Euclid's Hillandale park to the main entrance of the building. The building had previously been Glencliff Nursing Home. Located... Continue Reading →

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