ADHD Update: A Bug’s Life

It has been a while since I have given an update on my daughter (Codename: Bug), so I figured now was a good time to do so. Since we last visited the world of ADHD, I told you about what my average day consisted of (Unmedicated ADHD), and then I told you how my Bug was diagnosed with it, and how we finally decided to get her medication. She is on Adderall and it has worked wonders. But like any medication, it still has it’s down days.

She started on a small dosage, which worked at first. We noticed a spectacular improvement at school. She was listening, and all seemed to be great. AT SCHOOL. However, it was only a 6 hour dosage, so by the time she got home, it was wearing off, and all hell would break lose. When it came to her homework, if you didn’t have it done in the first 20 minutes of her being home, it was pointless to try. By then her mind was racing and so was she. Her letter recognition, and words became gibberish. 14908383_10207448291831665_1560512047909723219_n

So, we went to the doctor and told her about our concerns. We were told this was normal, and the doctor decided to switch her from normal release to XR (Extended Release). That lasts approximately 10 hours, and gave us a better window of time to do her homework, along with school. Everything seemed to be on the up and  up.

Then Bug got sick. This was a week long battle with constant coughing, keeping her up at night. We kept her home from school. Took her to Urgent Care (Which was a mistake). They diagnosed her with strep throat, which we later learned from her actual doctor that she didn’t have it. The urgent care doctor prescribed her Azithromycin, which caused a breakout of hives all over her body. We ended up in the emergency room, got her properly treated, and within a few days she was back to school.

Our woes didn’t end there though, as her behavior in and out of class seemed to be deteriorating. At first the doctor said it was because of a lack of sleep from being sick, but it continued for a few weeks. After talking to her doctor again, they told us that her body 13770514_10206679424130453_6426842014728047874_nwas metabolizing the Adderall to quickly, which is a common occurrence. So we had to up her dosage. Her  behavior has gotten better (AGAIN), but we keep a watch for signs of slip ups.

Now, Adderall is not a miracle drug. There are some days where it just doesn’t do its job. And you can tell when you are having those days. She will start off great, and then she will start hitting another kid. Or running around with no stop in sight. One day, her great grandparents came over the house for dinner, and she didn’t sit still for 2 hours. NOT ONCE. But it is a struggle that we have learned to live with.

Hopefully, things will get better. I will keep you all updated if anything changes.


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