A Bug’s life continued

So, I didn’t post yesterday, and for that I apologize. Yesterday got a bit out of hand, and I will make up for it with a post today.

Yesterday, Bug had to go and see the dentist.  Now, most of you already know that Bug has ADHD. Which means she can be rather rambunctious, and thus has become a bit of a walking calamity. She has fallen so many times, that I have lost count.  (I know, this doesn’t make sense, but hang in there.)

The first of the two major falls, was approximately two years ago. Bug likes to run. (Who knew?!?) While running through her grandmothers house one day, she wasn’t paying attention, and tripped over her aunt’s leg. And as a testament to how graceful she is NOT, flew forward about two feet and bounced her head off of the coffee table. Now, the fall itself alarmed my wife and I, but it was Bug’s reaction that caused laughter. Before she began to cry, since it did hurt, her first reaction was “Damnit”. Yes, that

Such a happy birthday girl

came from the three year old. The laughter faded as within a day, she ended up with two black eyes, and one hell of a dent in her forehead. One other result of this fall, was a chipped tooth. Which as many know, can be very painful. But as in her nature, Bug stayed the happy little girl she always is.

The second one was her fifth birthday. We had a big party, and the whole family attended. She got many presents, and my best friend’s Mom even made a custom cake. It was a great day, with lots of squeals and laughter. Until afterwards….   One of Bug’s gifts was a bike. While riding up and down the driveway, she took a sharp turn. And even with training wheels, she ended up toppling over, and the bike landed on her. (This is where I call

First time in a cast, and probably not the last.

myself a bad parent). She cried, but we just thought it was from the trauma of falling (Again). She kept favoring her left arm. Which soon began to swell, but that took a day. We decided to take her to the E.R. on the second day after the fall, when the swelling didn’t go down. The doctor took some X-Rays, and it turned out that she had fractured her arm, right at the elbow. Now, her birthday is in the summer, so how tragic is it for a kid to have a cast on in Summer??? That means no swimming, no bike, no running around, no…anything. YEAH RIGHT, My kid found a way to do most of that.

Now, lets get back to yesterday. As a result of the first fall, she chipped a tooth. Well, that tooth was dying, and in fact began to affect the adult tooth behind it. So the dentist said it might have to come out soon. We were under the impression that this dentist visit was

Despite the crown, and the fractured arm, Bug still wanted to go to the Cav’s championship parade.

just to check the tooth. Well, it came out…by force. The dentist had to perform emergency oral surgery and Bug… was not happy. So, the little one is now missing a tooth, and thus came the arrival of the tooth fairy. Although in a bit of pain, she was ecstatic that the tooth fairy dropped off some money for her. She was so worried that she wouldn’t get anything because the dentist kept the tooth. But she was all smiles when she found the money, even with her new gap in her teeth.

She is a tough little girl, and she is awfully resilient. She just started Ice Skating lessons this week, so God only knows how many more times she will fall. But one thing I know, is that she is my little “bug” and, I have fallen hard for her. She has found ways to wrap everyone around her little finger. Which scares the hell out of me for when she is older. I’d better start practicing my embarrassing “Dadisms” now, to scare away any potential boyfriends in the future.



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