An Experimental Weekend

So this weekend was hell on wheels in our household. Bug ran out of her medication on Friday, and her doctor wasn’t able to get us a refill until Monday. Which meant that Saturday and Sunday were unmedicated. And let me tell say, you don’t realize how bad it was, once they are medicated, until you have to go without.

This weekend was a nightmare. Bug went into overdrive. At one point, we tried to hold her still, and you could literally feel her muscles trying to continue moving. She could not focus on something for more than five seconds, before she was off and on to something else. The wife and I were at our wits end.

Saturday night, I had to DJ an event at the local Ice Rink. Bug has been taking skating lessons, so we decided to get her out of the house, and she came to the event. It was the best behavior we’d seen from her all day. Once she was out on the ice, she could just go go go, and nobody stopped her. It was an opportunity to get the hyperactivity out, and she was able to just let her mind wander.

Sunday was Hell take 2. My wife made a daring escape, and left the house, leaving me and Bug to fend for ourselves. How nice of her! I spent a lot of time doing work on the computer, and trying to keep Bug from getting into anything dangerous. She wasn’t as bad as I know she could have been, but I did catch her drawing on the walls with a pen. That was a disaster. I sent her to bed, for a “Time Out”. Let’s just say, that doesn’t work too well for a five year old with ADHD . NO MORE THAN TWO MINUTES AFTER PUTTING HER IN HER BED, She came flying out of her room, full steam ahead. It took an extra ten minutes for me to wrangle her up.

The only plus side, was with her being as hyperactive as she’d been all weekend, once bedtime arrived, she was out like a light.

The other new development has been her mouth. This child has got some sass.

True Story: My wife and I are sitting on one couch, and Bug is on the other. We hear some strange noises coming from her tablet when my wife looks over. “What are you watching” she asks my daughter. Bug looks up and says “You don’t need to worry about it. Seriously, don’t worry about it.” My wife was dumbfounded, and I was rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard.

Her other favorite sayings are “Duh!” and “Are you Kidding me?”.   There are many times I wonder, what I am going to do with this child.


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