Mayhem Uncensored Episode 7

We are so very sorry for the delay. In respect for those who lost their lives during the London terror attack last week, as well as our own Pat Mayhem being under the weather,  Episode 7 airs TODAY!!! A week late. So without further ado, the NSFW, and Listener Discretion advised hit show, we welcome... Continue Reading →


Mayhem Uncensored Episode 6

WARNING: NSFW, Listener Discretion is Advised. Here is the newest installment of Mayhem Uncensored. A couple days late, but just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Have a safe holiday!!!


So, after some long deliberation, here at the Mayhem Cleveland studios/office, we have decided to do some rebranding. While this is a professional site, we are going to be giving it a new look. You will notice of the course of the next few weeks, some things will be changing here at that are... Continue Reading →

Mayhem Uncensored Episode 5

The next installment of's Mayhem Uncensored is now available. Please let us know what you think. If you have some topics that you think would be interesting to be included in an Mayhem Uncensored Episode, please comment below. Warning: NSFW, Listener Discretion is Advised

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