So, after some long deliberation, here at the Mayhem Cleveland studios/office, we have decided to do some rebranding. While this is a professional site, we are going to be giving it a new look. You will notice of the course of the next few weeks, some things will be changing here at that are minor, and some major.

  • First of all, this is no longer the site of the media personality. There will be (in time) a new site dedicated to our broadcasting sector. The new tag for this site, is the “Official site of Amateur Comedian Pat Mayhem”. If you havent gathered from the Mayhem Uncensored segments, that one pursuit by Pat Mayhem is topical comedy.
  • We will still provide blog posts about ADHD updates, and other topics, besides the Mayhem Uncensored episodes, as those are also highly trafficked on this page.

Please, if you have anything you want to see, or hear on, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.  We are well aware that Mayhem has run rampant with some of the language used during his rants, and for that we have taken precaution and labeled them NSFW and/or listener discretion advised. However, we do enjoy them, and couldn’t stop him, even if we wanted to!!!!




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