Mayhem Uncensored Season 2 Episode 1

Here is the first episode of the newly syndicated season of Mayhem Uncensored. Mayhem Uncensored can be heard on the BeOnAir Network, as well as here on  Here you will find the full episode in one shot, without commercials.



Great News folks, Mayhem Uncensored is stepping things up. Recently, Mayhem was approached by administration at the Ohio Media School, about having a 30 minute show, once a week, to be syndicated on the Be On Air Network. So, along with a now longer show that will be posted here every week, Mayhem Uncensored will... Continue Reading →

Letters from a Frustrated Father

So folks, there will be no audio recorded Mayhem Uncensored this week. It has been a very hectic week. But I am going to give you some entertainment this week. As many of you know, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. I have decided to document some of the goings on when she is NOT on... Continue Reading →

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