Letters from a Frustrated Father

So folks, there will be no audio recorded Mayhem Uncensored this week. It has been a very hectic week. But I am going to give you some entertainment this week. As many of you know, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. I have decided to document some of the goings on when she is NOT on her medication. It causes incredible turmoil in my household.

This week alone, she has found a different way to blow our minds. She likes to get up every morning at different times, and NOT wake me or my wife. So she does things, and gets into stuff that she shouldn’t. And we can’t seem to combat it, because she gets up at different times. Here is what has happened this week:

Monday – Bug woke up and proceeded to walk into our room. Now, in order to wake us up you have to WAKE us up. A quiet little “Mommy” whisper, isnt going to do it. Well, that is what she did. It got a small groan out of my wife, so Bug decided what Mommy needed was coffee. She walked into the kitchen, got her little step stool, and grabbed the sugar, and started scooping it out of the bowl, with NO predetermined destination. It ended up on the counter, and on the floor. She gave up when she realized that she didnt know how to work the coffee maker.  When I found the sugar, I asked why. She said, “I was thinking making a cup of coffee for Mommy”.  I, on the other hand, envisioned her shoveling the sugar singing “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”.

Tuesday – YOU CAN’T SCRIPT THIS!!!!  Now, I am not a big drinker, but I do partake in the game of drinking sometimes. Usually, at a bar, or when the little one has gone to bed. Tuesday morning, she woke up, and came to our room and laid in bed with my wife for a while. Once she knew we Mommy was back to sleep (and I had left for work), she got back out of bed, and walked into the livingroom with a cup of water. She grabbed the Hot Sauce, and poured a bit into the water, and added some pepper on top. WHY MY KID DECIDED TO TRY MAKING A BLOODY MARY, IS BEYOND ME!!!

Wednesday – A bit on the less destructive side, as Bug got into the bathroom and decided to put on Mommy’s cosmetic Eye Cream. The funny thing is, my wife said on my way out the door to work, that she didnt think Bug had gotten into anything that day. I told her “Just wait, you’ll find something.” Three hours later, she called me to tell me about the Eye Cream.

Thursday (Today) – Today was the worst of all. Bug got up and didnt even come into our bedroom. Mommy had left her nail polish out. Bug decided that she had new toy. I woke up to the smell of nail polish. I walk into the livingroom to find nail polish on our couch, the floor, the table, and my wife’s IPad cover. She had no answer as to why she did it.

Friday has yet to happen, but I can guarantee that it will hurt my head even more. Feel free to comment below if you have any advice.



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  1. Yes, Friday did happen. She came downstairs to visit Momma and Poppa. She had on a dressup costume that was too small, dress shoes on, and was covered in Mommy’s makeup. Yes, some was even on her chest (looked like she was trying to make cleavage). So, try not to explode your head. LOL


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