Behind The Mayhem; Call to Action has been around since about November of 2015. Those of you who have been following the site, have seen many different blog styles, topics, ideas and more. Here is where we ask YOU for help.

Pat Mayhem is a current student, and graduate, of the Ohio Media School in Cleveland, Ohio. The site was started as a class assignment and has blossomed into a semi successful blog page that in 2017 (ALREADY) has over a thousand views. (I KNOW, RIGHT!?!) But we have been trying to find our niche, and want to bring you the things you love to read, see or hear.

2016 brought the sports writing prompts that we tried, and although they were good, didn’t wield us the response we wanted. We tried doing reviews, whether it be games, movies, TV shows, Actors, Food and/or products. Those seem to do pretty well. (For example, Last week’s Qdoba VS Moes review is the most viewed blog post for 2017 already.) The Mayhem Uncensored pieces were started as a hobby, and have gotten us a bit of traffic, but not quite as much as we’d hoped. However, it did get picked up for a syndicated talk show on the Be On Air network, and that is really exciting.

But here is where we need your help. What is it that you want to read? Do you like the Mayhem Uncensored segments? Do you want to read more Reviews? Did you enjoy the Actor/Artist of the Weeks? What is it about this site that you have liked either now, or in the past, that would keep you coming back for more? Maybe you want to hear more about “Bug” and her daily doings. PLEASE leave a comment below, and give us your feedback. We want to make Pat Mayhem do more work, we just need to know what to have him do.


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