Ramblings of an Insomniac

So, it is 2:31 in the morning, and Mayhem never stops. Which means I can’t sleep. As usual, my mind is running a marathon, and I can’t seem to wind myself down. So I have decided to answer some of the questions that are in my head, in hopes of finally tiring myself out, and possibly providing some entertainment for my readers.

Q – The age old question. “What is the meaning of life?”

A – I love this answer, and as morbid as it sounds, the meaning of life is to die. But it isnt that simple. The meaning of life isn’t just to die, but to die knowing you lived your life to the fullest. Yes, everyone is sad when life is taken from us to early, but if that person managed to live a happy life, we can only be proud of them. For example, if I die at the age of 30, I want people to know that I was married to the love of my life, produced a child who is the apple of my eye, and I wouldnt trade her for the world. I’d want them to know that I love my family, both biological and by marriage. I may not have achieved all my goals by that time, but I am happy. A wise man once told me, Let life not be measured by how long someone lived, but by how much happy, loved, and cherished they were.

Q – How do you know you have ADHD, if you were never diagnosed by a doctor?

A – Simple! I am intelligent, but easily distracted, Creative but goofy, lyrical but unpredictable, ageing but immature, and above all, Serious but fun. ADHD shouldnt be looked at as a disability, but rather a special ability. If you can manage to get a handle on it, you can use ADHD to your advantage. Just ask my old band mates.

Q – How can the Cleveland Indians be doing bad in May, but still have a shot at the World Series?

A – Baseball 101, you don’t have to win EVERY game to be a top contender. The Indians have proven time and time again, to be masters at the art of “Getting Hot at the Right Time”. I’ve heard before, and it’s the greatest analogy I can think of, “The Indians are like a freight train. Slow to start, but once they get going…get out of the way”.

Q – Why am I still awake?

A – Havent we discussed this already?

Q – Have I tried actually going to bed?

A – Actually, uh…no. Sounds like a good Idea. Good Night Y’all!!!


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