Everybody…Backstre..Wait, no…Mayhem’s Back, Alright!!

So…….I have been gone for a while. Sorry. There have been quite a few things that have happened in the recent weeks that have pulled me away from keeping up with Mayhem Cleveland. Well, now I am back. And for my first post back, I am gonna give you an update on what has been going on, both with me, and my daughter.

Final Graduation

I finally finished my third course at the Ohio Media School. I’ve graduated

One of three graduations. Always with my little Bug by my side.

(technically) two times already, so this one wasn’t so special. But the push to the finish was. The first two courses completed were TV/Radio Broadcasting, and Sports Broadcasting. Using my knowledge of sports, and now Sports Broadcasting, I plan on making a run to become a Play-By-Play commentator.  The final course that I just finished was Media Sales & Marketing. Why? You ask….Because the more you know, the more desirable and hire-able you are.



Bug Completed Kindergarten/Softball

That’s right! My little girl is growing up. What started out as a very shaky experience with her moving from Pre-K to K, has ended with glorious splendor. Thanks to her ADHD medication, of course!  Now for the update: The meds have been helping her very much. She has gotten better at listening, and controlling herself. Of course, she has her

Bug with her team and Head Coach

moments, as all kids do. She still destroys the house occasionally, but not near as bad as when she doesn’t have her meds. As her summer began, we enrolled her in softball, to give her something to do, and she turned out to be pretty good at it. She is really good at fielding the ball, but needs some work with her throwing. But let me tell you, she is really spunky when she steps to the plate with her little scowl. Her team finished 4th out of 6, and made it to the playoffs. Only to be knocked out in the first round. The team started with 10, and by the end, only had 7 (Which is not regulation, but they played anyways.) What was amazing, was these 7 girls, still managed to win half of their games!!!!


Luke Bryan Concert

My wife and I recently went to the Luke Bryan concert at Progressive Field. We celebrated, although a bit early, our 8th Anniversary.

Wifey and I at the Luke Bryan “Hunting Fishing Loving Everyday” Concert. 

What an amazing performance. Luke brought his band, as well as his openers Brett Eldridge, and Lauren Alaina. Each performer was different in their own way, but they all did a great job. There were pyrotechnics and all sorts of lights displays for Luke’s part of the show. I would definitely recommend his show to anyone. Keep an eye out on Wednesday, on my wifes blog (link  in paragraph below), for more details of the experience.



The family and I have decided we are going to start Vlogging, along side our blogs. If you don’t know, my wife has become quite the successful blogger. Check out her page, Sloppy Kisses and Blushing Skin. Between her lifestyle/makeup blog, and my fun “Everything under the sun” blog, we are teaming up to give you “This Afternoon”. A vlog about our lives, our travels, and of course, or hyper child. “This Afternoon” was a vlog that I started a little over 7 years ago, when I was in the Military. Being in the Military, we had to stay in different parts of the country, and the vlog was designed to give a taste of some of our travel destinations. It was put onto hiatus shortly after our biggest video, “This Afternoon: Shirley Plantation”, when I finished my military training.

So keep an eye out for the new REVAMPED, and RELOADED “This Afternoon” channel, as the videos will start flowing soon. We don’t have a specific date set, but keep watching here for more posts and updates as well.


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