Review: Barbasol Ultra 6 Plus Razor & Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream

Ok, some of you already know (If you watched my youtube video) that I receive product from a company called Influenster. What Influenster does, is they send out product in what they call a “VoxBox” to people like me (Called “Influencers”). We then test out the product and review it. We post on social media, YouTube, and of course, on our own blogs.

Recently, I received what is called the “Gent’s VoxBox”. Inside was a wide array of IMG_1650product, geared (at least slightly) towards men. There was a bag of Kettle Brand potato chips in the flavor of Chile Verde, a can of Bed Head for Men by Tigi; Matte Separation Sculpting Wax, Barbasol Ultra 6 Plus Razor, Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream, and a bottle of Franks Red Hot Pepper Sauce.

Today I am reviewing the Barbasol Razor, and Shave Cream.

So, I start by going from a full beard and mustache. Since my facial hair is long enough, and full, I start by using my normal shaver to trim it down to a manageable length. Why?


You ask. Because with as long as it was, it would have taken me a good portion of an hour to shave. The Barbasol Razor is nothing more than a “throw away” razor. It would have taken care of the facial hair, but would have taken longer as the long hairs clog up the blades.

The Ultra 6 Plus, despite the name, actually has seven blades. Six blades make up the central main portion of the razor, with a single seventh blade on the end. The seventh blade is what they call the “Ultra-Trimmer” for refining and styling. The razor is equipped with what Barbasol calls their “Close Shave Technology”, which means a “Clean Rinse”, “Ultra Thin Blades” and “Pivoting”.

The razor did provide me with a clean shave, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. Why do I say that?

  1.  First of all, with as detailed and extravagant as this razor is, it is still a disposable, possibly 1 – 2 uses, razor. It retails for about $5.99 at most stores for a 2 or 3 pack. For that price, I can get the off brand disposable razors, that come in 6 to 10 count, depending on the razor. 20170721_113700
  2. While the main 6 blades left me with a smooth shave, the 7th blade was about as useless as the old plastic one blade razors. Which is exactly what the “Ultra-Trimmer” is. I used it solely for the purpose of getting rid of the stray hairs that connect my two eyebrows to make them one single entity. A simple two swipes, and I managed to cut myself right at the top of my nose. No Joke!!
  3. On the back of the package, it says “Open flow blades allow for easy cleaning and long blade life”. However, even after trimming my facial hair to stubble, the hairs still clogged up the blades and the only way to clear it out was to smack it against the side of the sink. Which, much to my dismay, only works so well.

Do I like the clean shave it gave me? Yes! Would I go out of my way to buy this razor on my own? No.


Now, for the Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream. Well, lets just say this, I use their shaving cream regularly anyways, so this was nothing special. Actually, I would prefer the Menthol version that I use normally. The Sensitive Skin version didn’t so anything special. Honestly, I used it because it was sent to me. I would not go out of my way to replace my Menthol cream with it. Kudos to Barbasol on their Menthol Shave Cream, but the regular and sensitive skin types are nothing special.

Well, thanks for reading my review on Barbasol’s Ultra 6 Plus Razor, and Sensitive Skin Shave Cream. Keep an eye out for my review on the Bed Head for Men by Tigi; Matte Separation Sculpting Wax. 20170721_111905


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