Behind The Mayhem; Call to Action has been around since about November of 2015. Those of you who have been following the site, have seen many different blog styles, topics, ideas and more. Here is where we ask YOU for help. Pat Mayhem is a current student, and graduate, of the Ohio Media School in Cleveland, Ohio. The site was... Continue Reading →


Mayhem Uncensored Episode 2

Here is the second episode of the Mayhem Uncensored series. Please enjoy, and don't forget to hit that "follow" button. Also, if you have anything you want to hear, or read about in the future, don't forget to comment below. *CONTENT WARNING*: Some language may not be suitable for young listeners. Listener Discretion is advised.

Ridgecliff: A Mayhem Cleveland Exclusive

Back in 1932, on the border or Wickliffe and Euclid, Ohio, a hospital opened up called Ridgecliff Sanitarium.  Ridgecliff was a mansion style building with beautiful gardens. With a large concrete bridge that lead from the top of Euclid's Hillandale park to the main entrance of the building. The building had previously been Glencliff Nursing Home. Located... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to all my followers. Also, please take all moment to remember and think of those who can't be with us this holiday season.  From all of us associated with Mayhem Cleveland, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and happy holidays. 

In Memory of…

Sunday, September 25th 2016, was a sad day for the sports world, both locally and nationally.  Two nationally known sports icons lost their lives, as well as a local high school football player. Many people across the nation mourned, and are still mourning their deaths. Today, we take a look at those three individuals. Andre... Continue Reading →

Never Forget…

Today is a different day here at Instead of the normal recap for the Indians,  we want to take a moment to remember a piece of history that shaped the world.  Today is the 15th anniversary of September 11th.  Fifteen years ago 19 Middle Eastern extremists boarded four different planes destined for cross-country flight.... Continue Reading →

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