Behind The Mayhem; Call to Action has been around since about November of 2015. Those of you who have been following the site, have seen many different blog styles, topics, ideas and more. Here is where we ask YOU for help. Pat Mayhem is a current student, and graduate, of the Ohio Media School in Cleveland, Ohio. The site was... Continue Reading →


2016 in Review: A Mayhem’s top 10 Part 2.

Yesterday we visited numbers 10 through 6 of our year in review top 10 countdown. If you haven't checked it out, I suggest you get to that before reading the top 5. (Unless of course you just want the top 5.) 2016 in Review: A Mayhem’s top 10 part one. Now, lets continue. #5 Prince... Continue Reading →

Changing again…

As many have noticed, I am having a hard time getting myself into a routine when it comes to posting on here. I have followers that like what I post, and want to read more, but I find that it is hard for me to come up with content that is new and riveting. Sadly,... Continue Reading →

Averis – Behind the Music

Patrick Mulholland, Mike Maroli, Jakoub Tanner, and Mike Toth made up what was once known as Averis.  Averis was a hard rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.  With three albums, and over 100 shows and 3 tours, Averis left a small legacy when they disbanded in 2009. This is their story. In 2003, Mulholland, Maroli, and... Continue Reading →

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